Case Study #

  • CASE STUDY# - Holiday Terrace Houses
  • Project proposal - 2006 architect/s - Marco De Gregorio

The Idea of this proposal is to make an easy-built, inexpensive and flexible holiday house.
The project takes its inspiration from the original American Case Study House program from the forties where it offered the public and the building industry a model for low cost housing in a modern idiom. This house appears as folded slice of the surface of the ground.
As its surroundings, the roof of the house is covered with a carpet of grass that ensures a natural integration with its environment. Beneath this roof a space with double exposure is provided for an optimal organisation of rooms where an excellent indoor-outdoor relation is obtained. The interior space is totally changeable after the needs and future use of the house. The house is prefabricated and can be erected within a few days.


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