SunFlower Square

  • SunFlower Square – Urban city
  • Project proposal – 2007 architect/s - Marco De Gregorio

SunFlower Square would like to be an example of architecture, urban design and renewable energy that improve the quality of life in a urban void.
The design project consist to “plant” units of solar trees, whit 25 solar panels technically called sunflower which characteristic to follow the sun to east to west, so the lights automatically turn on sunset and off at sunrise, increasing the energy up to 35% than fixed panels. This energy will power special luminous features on the floor of the square illuminating the night, so aesthetically pleasing where each people can use at any time of the day and night. Is the public’s needs answer to create a meeting point whit sustainable solutions in urban environment, offer to the people a low maintenance and safety place at any hours.
Low-cost, low-maintenance and sustainable.


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