Carlsberg - Urban Plan

  • International ideas competition for the Carlsberg site
  • competition - 2007 architect/s - Marco De Gregorio, Jan Henriksen

CARLSBERG - the Re/Creative City

Carlsberg is a unique area in Copenhagen, characterized by historical buildings, beautiful gardens and is situated in an exciting position on a sloping hill.
It is the intention of this proposal to keep and to expand the qualities of the area and to develope them with futher facilities and activities.
With our proposal we have would like to
- Keep as many as possible of the existing industrial buildings on Carlsberg and transform them into a new use.
- Create building complexes in every part of Carlsberg to vitalize the entire area.
- Create a dense city to ensure a lively and vibrant future Carlsberg.
- Create a dense urban city in close connection to recreational features.
- Create big and small city spaces.
- Create dense buildings complexes that contains a mix of residential and commercial facilities.
- Create new cultural and recreational facilities that contributes to the city life of the new neighbourhood and that can ensure that Carlsberg is going to be a lively city both day and night.

This proposal is based on 3 guiding elements:
The Recreative Element: The ability to create landscape features, ¨waterscapes¨, parks and gardens to ensure active and passive recreational options. Other recreational activities are indoor facilities for the body and the mind.
The Urban Element: The ability to form urban spaces from the big scale to the small scale that can generate many kinds of city life.
The Creative Element: The ability to generate new cultural facilities to attract creative jobs and persons.
This proposal has tried to interweave these 3 elements so they support and develope each other to generate a new city of complexity and exitement. This is done by integrating landscape and urbanity, mixing old and new buildings and mixing city functions and activities.
It is our intention to built a dense city structure to ensure a concentrated city life in the future Carlsberg where urban and landscape qualities mix with cultural and recreational facilities. The proposal has tried to include many features of city life as we know them from the european city with its squares, parks, promenades and other facilities so it attracts not only locals but also visitors from the rest of the city and from abroad.
To ensure a diverse and versatile city it has been very important to make building complexes that contains mixed housing, shops, workshops and intitutions for all kinds of people.

The buildings of the new city
All the new building structures are layed out so the follow the proposed main features and the defined city spaces. It means that every building plot in the new city will be orientated towards either a ¨waterscape¨, a park/garden or a square which makes it possible to build higher and denser building complexes than usual in an urban context. By building a denser city you uptain a more lively city. The plots are of a size that makes them evident to fill out by one architectural concept so you secure a consequent architectural design. The number of planned plots ensures if planned by different architects that Carlsberg can become a very diverse and interesting city. Every plot should be planned in a different way according to its location and programming.
The Layered Building Model.
In every plot it is required that it consist of a functional and social complexity.
We propose a model entitled ¨The Layered Model¨.
The existing buildings
Today Carlsberg consist of a large number of buildings that are worth keeping both the old historical houses and the industrial buildings. Some of the old buildings only needs to be renovated like the Carlsberg Museum building and Laboratory building so they can be used as exhibition centres. Other industrial buildings like the Power Station, the Boiler House and the New Tap building all need bigger renovations and can be enlarges with glass extentions so they can fulfil their new purposes.

Traffic, parking and public transport
Pedestrian and bicycle traffic should have priority to vehicles so most part of the future Carlsberg will be car free. Only the people who lives in the area and service traffic should be allowed vehicle admission to the underground parking in the building complexes.
Ny Carlsbergvej is closed for ¨run through¨ traffic so it will only be pedestrians and bicycles that can cross the bridge that connects the eastern and the western part of the Carlsberg area.
By rebuilding Enghave Station, it will be possible to get a new direct acces to Carlsberg close to the new tower building in the south-east corner of the area. A metro station is proposed at the entrance square at Ny Carlsbergvej close to Vesterfælledvej if the Metro City Ring Line will connect to the Carlsberg area.
Enviromental sustainability:
When transforming the Carlsberg area into a new city it is evident to take into consideration the enviromental implications on all levels of decisions and all aspects of the planning process. To make the buildings enviromental sustainable, attention should be paid to use of materials, the building process and in the use of the new buildings.


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