Orchard Tower

  • Self Sufficient City
  • Selected Project - IACC : 3rd Advanced Architecture Contest 2009

The Veining Structure
Through the digital technique, the project explores the qualities of the Cerd� grid.
The building is conceived as a body fluid system like the lymphatic. It forms the structure and the spatial configuration of the construction .
Suggesting and reinventing the vertical building in a structurally, ecologically and energetically way.
On top of the building there is a rain water tank where the water flows through the veining-structure, serving each floor of the building and to provide water for irrigation of the orchard.
The Orchard/Farm
The project explores the notion of food-farming in a urban context. Incorporating a traditional orchard in the city, it reasserts the environmental importance of locally produced food for the sustainability issues of the city and the health of its residents.
Beyond creating a sustainable and local source for food, the notion of urban farming becomes an important resource in helping the world�s food supply.
The residents become both the producers and the consumers of the garden farm products.

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