Digital Cocoon - 2nd Prize

  • Digital Cocoon - Silk Road Map - Expo Shanghai 2010

- The project�s ideogram interprets and articulates these intricate set of travel connections and the silken pad. An object that expresses flexibility, the quality of being flexible, and that creates options for encounters is proposed. The loop structure of the object is a transposition of both the road net and the cocoon which symbolizes the space, the transformation, and the preciosity of the silk. -The object, conceived as an iconic pavilion, redraws analogically the meanings of the Silk Road and the silk spun cocoon, celebrating the thoughts of the travel and the meeting. The pavilion can be used as an outdoor living room providing spontaneous and scheduled activities, public events; it allows various access points, perspectives and experiences, from the exterior to the interior, multiplying and playing the individual visitor�s position in the space. The travelling pavilion is conceived to be taken apart and can be transported easily. The morphological design can be made possible through new digital techniques and be realized with new advanced materials. As the caravans made their paths, the design object will traces the same route-net.
Digital Cocoon acknowledges its own iconic status and expresses its own poetic representation.

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