Evolo 09 - Skyscraper

  • Barcelona Infinity
  • competition 2009

The city/Urban Scenarios
The research is based on the analysis of Cerd��s grid system and on the study of the socials aspects of the living and the further expansion of Barcelona. The concept is based on the Cerda Eixample plan, developing the parametric form and focuses on the squared housing block, mansana, as a quality space of living.
The urban horizontal Cerd� Matrix becomes a vertical dynamic force.
As a continuation of the grid, the building structure becomes a fluid expansion so the density of the territory is analogically translated into a vertical structure, the Skyscraper.
The structure is a multifunctional organization, a spatial layout that provides dynamic forces for social and private enterprizes, from the public use at ground floor to the semi public above and to the residential.

The building capture the (dynamics) of the site in several ways, spatially, organizationally and by means of its system of enclosure fusing into an hyphenated formation. The parametric matrix of the internal spatial organization breaking down the typologically system based on layered floors.
Parametres that define individual units and involve the relationship between interior and exterior spaces, floating from the big to the human and intimious scale.
A parametric building is constructed from a spline that develop the grid from the urban field, amplify the urban vectors in a generative vertical shape that informs forces and shaping the building.

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