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Crinkle Bottle is a research project how to recreate a common disposable industrial object into a quality sculptural item.
Due to Computer-Aided-Design (CAD) I was able to mold and shape virtually an everyday plastic bottle,
as you would do in a real life when you dispose and bin it.
The new technology, Computer-Aided-Manufacturing, gave me the possibility to go from a 3-d drawing to a 3-d printed real object, and
then from there we were able to craft a final handmade porcelain bottle.
I am proud to have it manufactured in Barcelona-Spain, thanks to the BlowaWish ceramic workshop.

The idea is about playing with widely known icons of our daily life by re-creating a product of the ever-present plastic bottle, we all know so well.
It's made in white porcelain and it reveals all the little wrinkles, ripples and nicks that happens when the object its squeezed and twisted.
Pursuing the aesthetic of throwaway tableware, the Crinkle bottle is designed to look like a discarded plastic bottle and is here to make a strong statement on our disposable culture.
Made in Barcelona, Spain, by an Italian Architect

Marco De Gregorio, Architect

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