LandScape Bench

  • Design proposal – 2005
  • architect/s - Marco De Gregorio

A simple chair transforms itself into a sitting sculpture that provides a meeting point for people. A potential meeting point for a new public language or new private suggestive types of living/lounging environments. Driven by the digital design and manufacturing capabilities. By using the process of extruding the shape of the chair flows seamlessness into different dynamic landscape figurations.
The design language explored and emphasizes the complex curve/linearity of the rough lava coast of east of Sicily. Analogically this informal object divers its forms by the technique of extrusion and then \\\"morphing\\\", and via morphing it is translated in a fluid mass of smooth shapes. The semi-abstract, moulded surface has been carved from a single continuous
mass. The rhythm of folds, niches, recesses and protrusions doesn’t need to follows a willful formal logic, so it is accentuated the natural flux of things, a
non-Euclidean geometry in which nothing repeats itself. It is ask to the visitors to occupy the structure and to explore for themselves this new open aesthetic shape which invites us to reinvent ourselves in terms of posture, demeanor and life-style all the overall organism.

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