About this site

The fusion of real and virtual spaces. The explorations and researches make the basis of our conceptual design work. The discipline of architecture is all the time a development to respect the qualities of living today and the idea how to live tomorrow. From urban scale, private and public building through products, interiors and furniture we hope to give a significant contribution to the discipline of Architecture. Our aim is to incorporate our heritage from the past into a new contemporary context so a dialogue occur between the old and the new. The Graphic Architecture project research is a tool to create a visionary world. As investigation and research it helps to stimulate and to create virtual environment otherwise impossible. The elaboration of digital graphic architecture explores the technological possibility to cross the borderline of reality, giving life to an unreal world where the meanings of matters, shape and time change continuously. As a young architect we develop constantly through new knowledge and technology.

Marco De Gregorio
Dottore in Architettura. Born in Italy in 1975 - qualifying as an Architect in 2004 at University of Architecture of Reggio Calabria. In Italy he has collaborated with different architectural offices and has been executing several private commissions. In 2006 he moved to Barcelona Spain, where he worked at EMBT Miralles-Tagliabue office on various competition and on the project Hafen City in Hamburg. For the last two years he has had his own architecture practice with a partner, Jan Henriksen, doing mostly international competitions ranging from urban developments, building proposals to product design. The practice has proposed and carried out several private commissions. He been concerned by developing the research on Digital Architecture pursuing the aesthetic and the virtual space, designs digital art and participating in several exhibition. Actually he is sharing his time between Barcelona and Copenhagen.

Jan Henriksen
Architect m.a.a. Born in Copenhagen in 1960 and qualifying as an architect in 1988 from the Architecture School of the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Copenhagen. Worked for several architecture offices and as an independent architect in London 1988/89, Paris 1990/93 and Rome 1993/94. Opened his own practice with fellow architect in Copenhagen 1994 where they were participating in several architecture competitions and carrying out private commissions- the office won 1. price in the international architecture competition about Orestad City in Copenhagen in 1995. Guest teacher in the School of Architecture in Aarhus in 1996. Moved to New York City in 2000 and London in 2001 working as an independent architect. Moved to Barcelona in 2004 and opened an office with architect Marco De Gregorio in 2006. Has been writing in newspapers and magazines about issues concerning urban planning, architecture, art museums and cultural matters.