Acrylic on canvas

55 x 33 cm


The field of architecture is continuously engaged in research and exploration. The artwork produced demonstrates a focus on depicting the tension between architecture and its surroundings through the examination of light and materials within intricate abstract spaces. The acrylic and watercolor paintings employ a minimalist, graphical language to convey the compositions of architecture. These compositions involve forms and architectural elements sourced from a wide range of structures, distilled into a purely abstract aesthetic where organic and geometric shapes are harmoniously fused in an ongoing quest for ideal equilibrium.

Interactions between shapes and volumes generate dynamic spatial configurations characterized by collision and friction. These configurations involve abstract and semantic figures in motion, capable of reflecting social dynamics such as attraction, repulsion, and relationships between contrasting and similar entities.

The concept of social distances, as encompassed in the field of Proxemic, plays a significant role in these spatial relations.

The composition under scrutiny portrays a frame containing two fluid substances in constant flux. Its elements encompass lines, surfaces, volumes, and colors organized in a manner not aimed at equilibrium, but rather seeking conflict and a distinctive presence within the spatial context. The interplay of geometric and abstract shapes within this composition emphasizes their pursuit of independence, strength, and endurance in an enduring state of conflict.

MDG’s artwork replicates the style of graphic design by combining elements of representation and abstraction, resulting in a visual presentation reminiscent of an artificial realm. The motifs present in his work are a result of merging various pre-existing symbols, shapes, and architectural components gathered from a diverse collection of images and its own creativity.

The sharp color palette used in this artwork accentuates the peculiarity of the composition, suggestive of a creation intended for a digital narrative.

Marco De Gregorio
Barcelona, Spain

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