Watercolor_Configuration #20235


Paper Arches Gold Presses 300 g/m2 – 140 lb, 100 % cotton
14,8 cm x 21 cm (A5) / 5,83 in x 8,27 in

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Representation and Abstraction, forms and Architectural fragments that comes from a vast compendium of all sorts of dynamic geometry, creating ambiguous spaces.
Shapes in search of the own place, with their own strength and resistance, in a perennial confrontation.

Certificate of Authenticity

This document certifies that the artist declares the piece of artwork mentioned below, to be an authentic and unique piece of art executed by him and his own creative efforts, the undersigned, Marco De Gregorio. The author retains all copyright; artwork may not be reproduced in any way or form, without the artist’s consent. This document is hand signed and numbered by the author.

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Medium & Materials



Limited Edition               #                    of#

Date Sold by Marco De Gregorio Architect

All information and statements contained herein are true & correct

Signature of Artist                                                                                                      Date Signed

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